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Helpful Links

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student loan links

Schoolhouse Rock was dead on when it taught us way back in grade school that knowledge is power.  Personal finance is a war, kids.  Theres are lot of people out there trying to take advantage of you!

Below is a list of sites you can visit to arm yourself with some seriously potent information:

  • FinAid is an incredibly handy site with highly qualified contributors. Developed as a public service by student loan experts, it boasts tons of statistics, articles, and useful information.  Kinda like getting a financial advisor without the hourly rate:

  • The National Student Loan Data System is run by the US Department of Education.  As official as it gets, this site is a resource for anyone who has taken out a student loan through the government.  Even if you don’t have federal student loan, there are useful statistics and a fantastic glossary of terms to get you up to speed on the industry:

  • We all love Cliff’s Notes, and this is the student loan edition, courtesy of the fabulous New York Times. Great for prospective borrowers and their parents (or borrowers who already have a loan and are tired of not knowing anything about it):

  • Have you ever gone to a garage sale with your Grandma?  If so, she probably schooled you in the art of getting the best possible deal, and never paying full price.  Check this site out if you’re considering taking out a student loan.  Shop and compare to your heart’s content, because only suckers pay full price:

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the fabulous, fixed-rate, federal student loan by the name of Stafford.  Get info, apply for a loan, ask questions; you name it, you can do it all here:

  • Another handy government site that provides up to date information on the interest rate of your federal student loan:            09.jsp

  • Who doesn’t love Wikipedia?  Best friend to last minute term paper writers everywhere, there was no way we could leave Wikipedia’s two cents on the student loan world off this list:

  • Student Loan Debt: Debt Watchdog delivers advice and information on a range of student debt solutions including bankruptcy. Too many people make mistakes when seeking student debt advice and end up deeper in trouble.  Don`t be caught out by opting for bankruptcy when there are other options. Visit Debt Watchdog and discover how you can avoid bankruptcy.

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